Strange Remedies

Dogs know how to fake sickness too.

Manbeast and I like to keep things natural in our house. Especially when it comes to the animals, because they are meant (like us) to live life naturally. Here are some of the things that we have learned over the years:

Fat Dog-Dogs can gain weight more easily than people, and sometimes it’s hard to tell how much food to give them, what kind, and how to measure out treats. Especially when training. Mylo is terrible for weight-gain, apparently it’s a Golden Retriever thing. So, instead of boxed treats from the store, we feed them baby carrots, tomatoes, bananas, apples, berries, and cucumbers. They love them. Mostly because they think they are getting people food.

Broken Nails-These happen. Not too often, but when they do there is usually a bloody mess (quite literally) all over the house, and it’s too sensitive to cut right away. Take a bowl, toss a little flour in it, and dip the offending paw in. The flour will stop the blood by soaking it up and creating a seal, and if they decide to lick it, the flour won’t hurt them like some of the store bought powders can.

The Runs-You know what I mean. An upset tummy that causes them to have explosions all over the house, the yard, and perhaps even your own person. Natural pureed pumpkin does the trick, and it’s about $1.00/can. The amount given depends on their size, but they eat it up like it’s a treat and it settles everything down within an hour or two.

Ear Cheese-Ear cheese is gross. It’s stinky, it irritates their ears, and it looks highly uncomfortable. This is not to be confused with an ear infection. This is what happens when they get dirt trapped under their ear flaps and it causes irritation. The ear cheese happens when their bodies try to rid themselves of the contaminant. Mix natural vinegar and water (1/4 vinegar, 3/4 lukewarm water), swish an old cloth in it, and use it to wipe out their ears. Don’t do this if there is any broken skin as it can sting, just use it as a natural cleaner.

These are just a few things that we have discovered over time. These things work for our dogs, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will work for yours. Don’t use anything you haven’t researched, and know when to take them to the vet. Do you have any strange magical remedies that you use on your pets? If so, what are they and what do you use them for?


36 thoughts on “Strange Remedies

  1. Hypochondriac Canines? Most animals will do the opposite. They fake health when they are somewhat sick. An apparent sick individual is a sign of easy takings by predators. Lots of coyotes here-a pack got a pit bull down the street.

    • Toady is a big suck, when he has a tiny ow he must be pampered and coddled until he hears his ball squeak and then he forgets all about it. That’s terrible about the coyotes, we have them here too, but not in the city.

  2. Glad to hear that Eko isn’t the only one who will fake yelp! I second the magical powers of pure pumpkin + rice + chicken broth for an upset stomach.

    • Thank you most kindly! 🙂 I enjoy your blog as well, very much so. You will be in my “Thanks to..” page for this! Also, thanks for understanding about time constraints and such, I have enough trouble just posting once a week right now!

  3. Love all those natural remedies! We are a natural household too, somethings that I use A LOT here are Bach Rescue Remedy for stress or anxiety, and the homeopathic preparations of Arnica 30c and Ruta 30c. Arnica: for pain and swelling and Ruta: for sprains and strains.

    • I’m going to have to check those out! I love natural stuff, it’s better for them (and us) and it’s less expensive. Thanks for mentioning those, I hadn’t heard of them before.

  4. Super tips. The only vegies our dogs don’t like are cabbage (good thing as it causes a nasty side effect) and cauliflower (ditto) – they’re not too sure of some mushrooms either but that’s probably a texture thing.

  5. Doggy loves his oranges and strawberries.
    I haven’t had to deal with any sickness with Doggy yet, he’s been really good so far, iron stomach, ate 2lbs of gummy bears and nothing happened.

  6. All great remedies and a few new ones I haven’t heard of or tried. Think I’ll jot them down and try during one of our next surprise problems or normal grooming. However I can not get the Newfs to eat veg. Or fruit even if I am eating it. I will say the long hikes have kept them right on their good weight so far this year. Thanks 🙂

  7. My mom uses the flour treatment on us when things go awry with a pedicure. She adds baking soda to it as this constricts the blood vessels and helps to stop the bleeding faster. We all know it looks like we are bleeding to death when our toenails are hurt! Great idea with the pumpkin. I’m going to go fake a tummy ache right now, just so I can try it.

    • Hahaha, I hope the pumpkin works for you! It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, I bet my boys wouldn’t mind finding out if a pumpkin pie would work, haha. That’s a good tip about the baking soda, thanks!

  8. This is awesome. I can’t stand having to use something not natural on an animal. It feels kind of strange… and who knows what’s in that bottle from the store, really.

  9. Great post!! I do all of these things too, my guys also like cantelope, watermelon, and oranges. I love using pumpkin for treats, freeze it in Kongs and mix it with plain yogurt also, (Yumkin recipe from Jodi at Heart Like a Dog) and as you stated, the great thing about it is if they have the loosy goosy’s it tightens it up and if it’s the other way it helps loosen it, a miracle remedy 🙂

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