What’s Been Keeping Me Busy

Before the busy times, I used to find time to write a post at least a couple of time per month. I love to write, I need to write. It’s just as much a part of me as breathing or reading. I have however, been busy with a new project which I would now like to share with all of you.

Welcome to my new website, www.wordsmithery.ca and matching Facebook page. It has been a fairly time consuming and mind-draining venture as I have also been doing everything else that I normally do on on top of it.

While attempting to write my site content one lovely morning, Odin sat on the floor next to my chair and made pigeon sounds at me. He does this on occasion and I believe that it is simply because he wants to be heard. All was fine in the house of Fostrickson. I called Manbeast over to offer assistance with something, and as we were discussing, Odin casually stood up and walked across the kitchen. When he lifted his rear from the ground, we heard a clunk. He had deposited a surprise on the floor. Five points if you can guess what it was.

Then, while researching quotes, I noticed a mob of kittens loitering in our driveway. There were about 8 of them gathered near the road as the sun set and the skies darkened. I watched them for a few moments and then went back to my research. After awhile, Toady signaled that he needed to go outside. I took them out only to have Toady streak across the lawn straight into the raspberry bushes. Which were full of kittens. It took 30 minutes to get him back in the house, he refused to pee, and he was full of dead leaves. I am assuming that the kittens migrated from the front yard to the back, where there are plenty of mice living in the bushes behind the garden. I suppose I should be thankful that none of the kittens were eaten. He looks for kittens every day now.

And on top of it, we have Mylo. Poor sweet Mylo. He has been itchier than usual lately and we are starting to believe that part of it at least is a mental issue instead of allergies alone. He seems to start itching when he gets excited. For food, outside, play, etc. He itches and chases his tail like a maniac. He also found a chunk of fur from some unknown animal and carried it around the yard for a whole day. A mangy, dirty, gross chunk of white matted fur that he absolutely refused to release. Or perhaps there was just more than one because I seem to remember getting it from him and throwing it away at least once. Don’t worry, he didn’t catch anything from the fur, nor does he have fleas. He is just a little bit nutty from time to time.

And while all of this has been happening I have been working away, helping family to move in and out of our house, adjusting to a completely new routine, and trying to find time to read for pleasure for a moment or two during the days.

That’s how life goes though, and without the hairy beasts that surround me at every waking moment, I would find myself lacking in hilarity and craziness. I do hope that you have all had pleasant summers and that your pets have too. Enjoy the last few weeks of sun while you can, and if you happen to be in Alberta, stop by and grab some tomatoes, I have tons. 😉


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