A Long Absence

Dearest readers,

I sincerely apologize for my absence. A lot has been happening in our household lately, and it has caused me to put a few things on hold. Unfortunately, the blog is one of them.

We, including the animals, have been in an adjustment period of sorts. My brother moved in with us in February, all the way from Nova Scotia, to see what opportunities he can find in the Wild West. Manbeast has been partaking in evening classes since March, leaving him gone every evening during the week, and I have been seeing to a number of clients, taking care of the house, and just trying to keep up in general.

Mylo’s allergies have, fortunately, been mostly non-existent since we started on the new prescription and an Acana diet. His tail has grown back in, and he has a new best friend in my brother.

Toady has been doing what he always does—going with the flow. He has adjusted to all of these new changes quite nicely, although a stomach bug in February altered our schedule enough that we still aren’t back to the old one.

Odin has not adjusted so well to another person in the house. As a cat, he was already a bit picky about who he would warm up to. He’s still happy and devilish and snuggly, just not with anyone from his “original” household. And that is just the way that cats are, I suppose.

We have been reveling in the warm, sweet smelling breezes of summer that we catch between work and errands. Our gardens are slowly coming to life, although much slower than last year because of the cold and rain that we have been having. The thunder has been loud enough to make your chest feel the rumble. The lightning bright enough to light up the inside of the house, and the hail large enough to use as a golf ball in some instances. The lazy days spent sipping wine on the front step will hopefully become a reality in the next few weeks, before fall settles in.

Bear with me for just a little longer, and hopefully I will be able to get back to blogging sometime in the next little while.


18 thoughts on “A Long Absence

    • Yes, things are good. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I last posted. It’s strange how time seems to slip away even when it feels like it’s dragging on.

    • Mylo, our golden, has allergies and the vet wanted us to go on this horrible food (Hills Prescription Diet, I believe) and it wasn’t doing a thing for him. We went to our local pet store and started researching food. Acana won win the best ingredients for the best price. We’ve got them both on the Pacifica now, and Mylo’s coat is gorgeous and they are both just healthier in general. Plus, it’s made in the province next to us so it feels good to support a Canadian product!

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