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16 thoughts on “Get In Touch

  1. Hi I hope you find this helpful with Mylo and his itching. An article from Prevention Magazine on pets and itching. Clip away the hair on red or inflamed areas, and bathe your pet with a nonirritating natural organic soap for pets. After your pet is dry, wash the problem areas with black or green tea that has steeped for 10 minutes and cooled. The tea’s tannic acid helps dry the skin and reduce oozing from inflammation. There are more tips I can send to you if interested. Authors are Richard H.Pitcairn,DVM,PhD Sincerely Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for the info. We have tried something very similar to this, but it hasn’t worked. The vets believe that it is a food allergy, so treating the skin doesn’t work, we have to treat it from the inside. We have been using Vanectyl-P and so far it is working, although it can cause problems we have had to ask ourselves a lot of questions about quality of life lately and are going to keep going with it for now.Thank you so much for thinking of us and for taking the time to find that out, it was very kind of you! Mylo seems to be doing better and his fur is even growing back in the spots where he had rubbed it off. We will keep you posted on his allergies and hope to have a happy and healthy pup enjoying life like he should very soon.

  2. Hi: you are truly faced with a decision every pet owner dreads quality versus quantity. They did offer a few other tips such as 15 to 20 mg chelated zinc daily to avoid zinc deficiency, which is linked to itchy skin. Also 1or 2 drops of a punctured vitamin E capsule ( or buy a formula for animals)in one meal daily to protect skin tissue. But as you have explained it is a food allergy and I don’t know if those tips would help. Please keep me inform as to how Mylo is doing if possible.Millie & Oceana will keep their paws crossed for Mylo! Best of luck! Nancy

    • Thanks again! 🙂 With Mylo’s current treatment he is not allowed to consume anything other than the prescription food. Not even allowed to chew on bones, because it could mess with the food he is on. So, we will wait and see how it goes! We appreciate your thoughts and your help!

  3. Happy New Year! I hope your Holidays were wonderful! I was wondering if you could keep in your thoughts our Millie she has a serious inner ear infection and has 2 hematoma aspirated from her left ear lobe both 2weeks apart and hi is on 2antibiotics and a steroid. She is so very brave when they aspirated the hematoma and never seems to hold a grudge against me. I would be ever so grateful and thank you for reading and understanding. Sincerely Nancy

    • I’m very sorry to hear that! We will definitely be keeping Millie in our thoughts and we hope for a speedy recovery. She sounds like a little trooper and we hope that you are make it through this stressful time ok.

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