Coco Puffs

This post isn’t specifically about dogs, but it has some sort of vague relation to them. It’s a recollection of something I did when I was younger, and I just thought of it today. Since I think everything is funny (especially myself) I decided to share it in order to appease my readers. I know that I have been absent and uninvolved lately and it has been for good reason. It will also likely continue for the foreseeable future. Anyway, here it is:

I have a younger brother (I actually have something like 4 brothers) who is three years younger than me. When we were growing up, we were as different as could be. Like a brick compared to a snowball. That means that we fought all of the time. Over everything. Occasionally, we would find common ground and play for about 5 minutes without screaming, but that was rare. We still cared for each other, just distantly. Even though he was younger, my brother could hit a lot harder than I could. I used to have to resort to mental counter-attacks instead of physical. One day, I found the perfect opportunity to torture him.

Our bedrooms were upstairs, with a landing that sat in the vaulted ceiling, so that it overlooked the living room. Dear brother was sitting on the couch with mother, watching TV or something, and I was hanging over the landing at the top of the stairs talking to them. I was young and bored and had read every book that we owned at least 5 times already. I needed to find something to amuse myself. For some reason, we had a bowl of dog food at the top of the stairs, and I was sitting beside it. Small, round, brown chunks of kibble were sitting there, ever so innocently, just waiting to be eaten. I noticed that the kibble looked a lot like Coco Puffs. Interesting. Brother liked Coco Puffs. I started to pretend to eat them, and to my extreme amusement, Brother took the bait.

“What’re you eating?”, he asked.

“Coco Puffs. Left over from my school lunch” I replied, pretending to pop a couple more into my mouth.

“I want some”, cried dear Brother, his voice oozing with jealousy.





“Fine. I will throw you one. But that’s all you’re getting. They’re mine.”

So, I tossed one at his head. He glared at me and shoved it in his mouth. Chewing carefully as he eyed me with displeasure. I sat waiting for the moment when he would realize that he had just eaten dog food. It came, in full glory. A split-second of confusion, when his taste buds started asking questions. A message from the brain that made his eyebrows crinkle together, his cheeks turn red, and his mouth open. He spit it out and started for the stairs. I flew into my room and barricaded the door. Almost dying with amusement. Mother didn’t even bother to reprimand me, she was laughing too hard. Brother halfheartedly beat on the door for awhile, then returned to the living room to sulk. I laughed about it for days. I’m still laughing about it now. Fortunately, (since he is about double my size) he can laugh about it now too.


21 thoughts on “Coco Puffs

  1. Hahahahaha! This is hilarious! My sister and I were like that as well, like fire and water. Sadly, I never got to trick my older sister in eating cat or dog food.

  2. It’s always great to have the last laugh once in a while! My Rottie buddy Atticus will refuse people food until he has the peeps almost begging him to “try it, pleeeease”. That is an amusing turn of events to watch since they are always telling ME to STOP begging. I think you and Atti share an uncannily deep knowledge of human behavior. And are shameless about using it! Good for you!

  3. Wish I thought of that; same situation with my younger brother, 3 yrs younger…like oil and water! Happily we get along a bit better now and he has Willow’s son, Murphy (Wheaten) and taught him well 😉 (sits at door and waits for paws to be wiped)…little bro isn’t all that bad afterall

    • My and that brother get along better now too, but we live on opposite sides of the country, so we don’t see each other often. That’s neat that your brother has Willow’s son!

  4. Hilarious! Glad you decided to share that with us. Oh, life with siblings. I was the younger, so I feel for your brother immensely. I do need to ask, however, how you ended up with “something like” 4 brothers. Were some of them not real. Maybe imaginary friends 😀

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