It is hot here. Too hot for life. To those of you who are used to warm weather, I will seem a wimp. It is about 26 degrees Celsius. I live in a place where winters get to -40 degrees Celsius and last for almost 6 months, heat bothers me. Why? I have no bloody idea. Really, I don’t. It’s not like I love the cold or anything. I think I would be happy in a perpetual environment of about 15 degrees. Give or take.

So, anyway, back to this dreadful heat. It started a few days ago and since then I have not slept. It does not get dark until after 11pm, and the bedroom feels like a sauna. We have windows that open to the train track, so I can’t sleep even if they’re open. Our A/C was stored in the shed and my manbeast was not in a good state to drag it inside, and it’s too heavy for me. Well, I could probably carry it for a short distance, but I would definitely drop it at some point causing irreparable damage to myself, the A/C, and possibly the house. So, I left it out there.

But, I digress. The dogs hate the heat. Toady is some Northern breed that has thick fur that seems to be almost like a suit of armor. I know, it’s supposed to insulate him, but somewhere around 22 degrees he starts to pant. Mylo has soft silky fur that flows in the breeze, but it’s thin, so the heat gets to him even faster than it does to Toady. Now, for some inexplicable reason, they seem to believe that hot person, plus hot dog, will equal cold. They want to lounge all over me, sleep against my legs, and receive millions of pets per hour. This drives me insane. How can I say no to their sad faces? How can I explain the broken logic that they are exhibiting? How can I shove them away when it makes me feel like I just told them to leave forever? But, at the same time, how long can I go feeling like I am about to melt just to please them? Apparently forever since I keep doing it and I haven’t died yet.

I have tried other ways of cooling them off (frozen treats, ice cubes, fans, etc) but I think they would only eat ice cubes if they were made from toilet water. It’s their favorite. All they want to do is lay on me. Panting, drooling, dozing, and melting. Even the cat is in on it. He has recently (since the heat started) decided to sleep not by my legs, but curled in the crook of my arm. Any other time I would cherish it dearly and express my gratitude to have an animal think so much of me. But now, now I lay awake and battle with myself about whether or not I should move him as sweat trickles down my brow and I can feel his fur sticking to my arm like glue. And, I always leave him there until he decides to move on his own.

I’m nothing if not dedicated.

PS: We have, today, finally installed the A/C and beast and human alike are both reveling in its cool, sweet  breath.


29 thoughts on “Hot+Hot=Cold

  1. Oh, we have been in that condition…no fun. Sure hope you get cooler weather or the AC in and going very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I know that feeling well and sympathise, I don’t like extremes of temperature either. Briar hates the heat, bless her. It was 36C here yesterday, urgh the summer heat has arrived!

  3. We do understand your problem – heat most certainly isn’t everybody’s favourite thing. And it can be dangerous for dogs especially. Have you got a kids paddling pool you can fill for them? It’s a sure fire way of cooling them down after a walk 🙂 A/C is the only thing for us humans! And cats seem to find their way somehow. Your problem is their unconditional love for you – they come to you in the blind faith that you can make it better 😀

    • They happen to hate water, so we have tried but they wouldn’t go in it. I guess us people did sort of make it better by putting in the A/C, they don’t need to know that manbeast did most of the work! Hahaha.

  4. i’m not a heat person either. Everything over 18 ceclius degrees is too hot for me.
    my mother uses this great thing for dogs! It’s a coolingpad collar. I’m not sure where you can buy it where you live. But it’s a collar made out of fabric, with cooling things in it, so you have to put it in the freezer for a while. And when you get it out, it’s cold, and you can put it on your dog.

  5. Around here we are now in the mid 40’s, my furry beast is feeling it, wants to be at all time in the shower where’s humid and cooler. I feel it too, specially during bed time, it’s gonna be my 3rd summer here and although I’m handling in better than my first one when I couldn’t stop the nose bleeding, I’m far from getting used to it let alone liking it. As Dianda said a cooling pad would keep dogs happy, I don’t own one but I use a wet towel, put in the freezer and then on top of Doggy, he falls sleep, seems to love it.

    • That’s crazy! I can’t imagine how you deal with that. I think I would just cook to death. I can handle cold better than I can handle heat. I definitely feel like a big baby now! That’s an inferno compared to my measly 26C. Hahaha.

  6. That doesn’t sound like fun at all! I’m glad you have your A/C up and running, now the cuddles should be more comfortable for all of you!

    I for one can’t stand the heat it’s starting to get really hot here in Kansas. The temp should reach 102 F which is not going to be pleasant in the least bit. And, with 2 dark colored heavy coated labs the air conditioning will be cranked up and going all day.

  7. Glad you guys are finally cooling off. 🙂 Bailey really seems to be minding the heat this year, more than last. I’ve been taking him to the dog park around 8:30 in the morning, and a good 30 minutes of play knocks him out for the rest of the day…which is when I and the two smaller humans in the house go to the POOL! Ahhhhhhh.

  8. I sure feel your pain! Also, installing A/Cs are a pain in the butt, especially doing it while it’s extremely hot in your house! How did your boys react to the A/C? With Taylor, it took her awhile to get used to the noise.

    • They have had it since they were little so they’re fine with it. It’s a window one so we have to take it out and put it back in every year. Sooooo worth it though!

  9. Good thing I’m a “heat” person because I live in semi-tropical Florida! 😀 I am the polar opposite of you, as I greatly dislike cold temps, I won’t even travel north in the winter, as I find it far too uncomfortable. Besides, I don’t even own a coat anymore. 🙂 So you would definitely think I was a wimp, just in the reverse. Of course, we have summer for 9 months out of the year here, where 30-35C heat is the norm.

    • Oh, that sounds terrible! lol. I have a ton of coats, for all different kinds of cold, haha. I’m sure you do the same with bathing suits or something! I only have one of those and haven’t used it in a couple years.

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