The Dreaded Time Change

I have been absent in my posts lately, and for that I apologize. I sorely miss all of you, but it is one of those times in life where finding a few minutes to breathe at the end of the day is all I’ve got.

There is also another reason. In all Canadian provinces but one, we change the time twice a year. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring. I do not understand the purpose of these and believe that they were created solely to torture the physical and mental well-being of all those involved. This time, the clocks went back. That means we sleep an hour later and go to bed an hour later. An hour might not seem like much, but it is. Especially when you have dogs that are used to a strict schedule.

At 4pm, they start whining for Manbeast to come home. Barking at every car they hear, checking out the windows every 5 minutes, and running to the door every time a neighbor gets home. At 5pm, when he actually gets home, they think it’s supper time. They scratch the door, sit by the food bowls, and hop around like they are on drugs every time we move. At 9pm, they think it’s time to go pee and then go to bed. Again,unless we refrain from moving in the slightest, they hop around the house like large hairy frogs on ecstasy. They throw their toys at us and squeak their squeakits until our ears are on the verge of exploding. They wake us up at 5am to go outside because they think it’s 6am. And on and on all day long. And we have to make them wait. We start with a half hour at first, because making them wait an hour just seems too long. Then we move into an hour after a week or so. This time though, they just don’t want anything to change.

So, it has been for the last two weeks or so, and we are like zombies in both appearance and intelligence from lack of sleep and over-excitement from the dogs. Eventually, I know they will get used to it, but until then I will continue to resemble an extra from The Walking Dead, and I will probably put my sunglasses in the dishwasher at least once. I am not a fan of time changes.

Good thing the cat doesn’t have a schedule.


21 thoughts on “The Dreaded Time Change

  1. Here, in Arizona, there are no time changes. It gets a little confusing because in the summer we’re the same time as San Francisco and in the winter, we’re with Denver. You’d be surprised at what changes when you don’t change and everyone else does.

      • I think there’s one like that that’s split between Michigan (which changes) and Indiana (which parts do not change including that part of town that’s in Indiana). The Indian reservations change. Go figure out any consistency.

  2. Oh I “get” that whole thing too because here in Virginia we also change time twice a year. It’s ridiculous and I’ve ALWAYS thought it was……..We’re not contending with dogs who don’t easily adjust – but one cat who doesn’t is certainly bad enough! It takes him about a week to FINALLY begin to change his rythym about meals and bed time, etc.. but it’s a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG week. Good luck keeping those sunglasses out of the dishwasher!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Grady being blind, has no sense of time related to light and dark. He goes by routine. But I think even he feels the difference because he’ll come in from the late evening pee and expect his bedtime Dentastix. Nice try Grady but it’s not time yet!

  4. We change time twice a year here too and it always messes us up for awhile. We would love it if they would not change our time. We have not been around much either, busy with life and fall stuff . Hugs and nose kisses

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