Toady’s Love Affair

Toady is my boy. My love. My best buddy. Eight months out of the year he remains so. In the Spring, we frolic in the rain, and examine all of the green shoots that appear in the yard. In the Summer, we have ice cube wars, and tend the garden, and play fetch in the dark. In the Fall, we watch the geese fly over, hoping they won’t drop bombs on our heads, and we bask in the opportunity to cook hot food. Come Winter, Toady is no longer mine. He succumbs to the call of cold and snow and leaves me to mope despairingly in the house while he welcomes the air that turns his breath into frozen puffs of moisture. Bursting forth from his mouth like a dragon’s smoke.

He was built for Winter. He has thick, coarse fur, that repels moisture like car wax (no, we don’t put car wax on him). He has paws the size of a snack plate. He stands with his head at my hip, and I am not a short person. Snowmen, snow women, and snow children are no match for him. He is a machine of complete and unequivocal snow destruction. He tears them apart before they can even be made. When it comes to snowballs, he is ruthless. Running straight into the foray, launching himself into the air, and destroying the entire supply.

For most of the year he is my “Little Beany”. My cuddly, sweet, gentle, silly mama’s boy. But when the air starts to chill, and the wind starts to howl, and the ground turns white with frozen crystals, I am almost forgotten. The snow takes my place in his heart. But, I bravely swallow my pride and push through it knowing that after the snow turns to mud, he will come crawling back.

I can forgive him this, because he provides me with exuberant amounts of entertainment in the snow. I mean, take a look at the picture and tell me it isn’t absolute, pure, innocent bliss on his face.


Getting ready to destroy some poor snow-being.


38 thoughts on “Toady’s Love Affair

  1. Toady is a handsome boy. When it gets cold here, I wear my pink sweater and only stay out for 5 minutes. When it snows, I am afraid to step in it. I am an indoor cuddler for all 4 seasons.

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you, I’m sure he would appreciate that! Both of our dogs love snow, Mylo not as much as Toady. They won’t wear clothes either, but sometimes I have to make them wear boots so that their paws don’t freeze.

  2. It doesn’t snow in Seville, but I plan to take Doggy crosscountry skiing so he can experience and eat the snow and also do some good old yellow ice.
    Ha! I still can hear my mom “Don’t eat the yellow ice”

    • Hahaha, last year I was making a giant snowman and when I was done with the first ball I noticed it had yellow spots all over it, I guess I rolled through some dog pee that had been buried underneath a layer of snow! I would be so sad without snow, I need it for Christmas at least.

  3. Oh Toady looks like he’s truly in his element alright…….Sam used to adore the snow when he was younger….following in my footsteps as I slogged around….these days he much prefers being inside in the warm house WATCHING me slog around in the cold!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • That’s funny! I don’t know if Odin likes snow, he isn’t allowed outside, but I’m guessing he probably does not.

  4. Adorable! Bailey LOVES the cold weather and is an absolute maniac over snow. I continue to take him to the dog park every day (we don’t have a very large OR fenced yard) throughout winter….You can’t miss me, I’m the one with the tears freezing on my face as I huddle behind a tree for shelter from the wind! 😉

    • Aww! We’re lucky to have a large fenced yard, so we have lots of snow adventures, but I am like you. Everyone else lets their dogs out and then calls them back in. I’m the one who gears up and goes outside with them, even if I am sick and it’s -40C. I will be thinking about you this year when it starts to get chilly!

      • Good for you! When we adopted Bailey, in October 2010, I totally stocked up on all kinds of cold weather gear for myself — lots of fleece accessories and the most “slimming” parka I could find. You know they appreciate having us out there with them!

      • Someone has to make sure their feet don’t freeze! Here in AB, when it’s really cold they will start “dancing” in a few minutes (even with booties on), but aren’t smart enough to come in. I would rather freeze for a few minutes than tend to frostbitten paws!

      • I remember the first time Bailey cut his poor paws on extra icy snow. I felt SO bad. That was when I realized that he wouldn’t voluntarily stop playing in the snow, even if he was bleeding!

    • Thank you kindly. That must be funny to watch! Toady likes everything about snow except having to come inside. He refuses to wear sweaters, but I don’t know if they make them that big anyway!

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