Marriage Vows From Dogs

Although I am sure that most of you have read my post Marriage Vows For Dogs, I have felt at odds with myself lately because I failed to recognize the vows that my dogs have made to me in a post. So, here is the mirror of the original post, from a dog’s point of view:

I, (animal who will devote my entire being to you in five seconds flat) take you, (hopefully decent person) to accept full and complete responsibility for every aspect of my life from now on.

For better (meaning that you do everything possible to give me a good life) or for worse (meaning that you will treat me as a passing amusement).

For richer (meaning you will spoil me with pets and loves and kid words) and poorer (meaning you will starve me of love and attention).

In sickness (meaning you will care for me and clean up my nasty messes when I am ill) and in health (meaning that you will do your best to walk me, brush me, and bathe me even if I get sprayed by a skunk or roll in poo).

To love (meaning I will give every part of my heart to you) and to cherish (meaning no matter what you do I will always forgive you).

From this day forward (meaning as soon as you pat me I will love you unconditionally), until death do us part (meaning that I will love you to the very end).

Dogs love unconditionally, unequivocally, and forever. They will worship you and forgive you and comfort you regardless of what you have said or done. They will greet you at the door every single day with a wagging tail, gaping smile, and an overwhelming joy. Do your best to deserve every single second that they give you.

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”—Unknown


46 thoughts on “Marriage Vows From Dogs

  1. I just hope no one ever has to experience the ‘for worse’ or ‘poorer’…that is not a marriage vow I think any doggie would chose to take part in…but unfortunately, so many do…and their life becomes a hell on earth…until they are hopefully rescued by a human who can fulfill the ‘for richer’ and ‘for better’…sigh Savannah

    • I hope so too. I just wanted to showcase the utter love and devotion that they give and how their happiness is up to us. I do my best to make my boys as happy as they can be, and I take the responsibility of it extremely seriously.

  2. This really hits home right now, as we’re about to have to euthanize our doggie, a tough, very tough decision to have to make.

  3. Grady has had the worst: starved, neglected, went blind when a vet visit could have saved his sight, left to fend for himself on the streets where he couldn’t even find food..I don’t know how he still had the capacity to give his best to me, but he does.

    • It’s hard to understand such inhuman traits. They forgive where we wouldn’t, love where were won’t, and accept when a lot of us would fight. From your posts, it certainly sounds like you deserve Grady’s love and devotion, and he can finally give it to the right person.

  4. Love this very much. It is all so true. Thank you so much for sharing it. Hugs and Chancy sends you nose kisses

  5. “Do your best to deserve every single second that they give you.”—this is the quote that will stick with me forever. I admittedly have not looked at doggy parenthood in this angle before…until now. Thank you so much for another wonderful post!

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