The Art of Napping

Remotes make lovely pillows…

Odin is a cat. Cats like to sleep. A lot. As in most of the time. But, not all cats have mastered it, like Odin. He reminds me of the Terminator, scanning the room for the most interesting place to nap, zoning in on areas that may provide cover. He stealthily slinks across the floor, eyes ahead, body low. The slightest sound will cause him to stop, prick his ears back, and listen. Frozen and apparently invisible. Sort of like a chameleon. Once he decides that the sound is nothing dangerous, he continues on his journey. Trekking across the cold, barren living room, until he is within a few feet of his desired destination. He stops. Sits. And watches. Again, he scans the area for any potential dangers. When he has decided that it is safe, he gracefully leaps onto whatever precarious ledge he has chosen and purrs. Upon entering his sleep area, he paces until he has found the most appropriate (and generally most nonsensical) place to take his 42nd nap of the day. He kneads the area, fluffing the poor couch cushions or leather chairs with his tiny razor claws. He is oblivious to the protests of the sofa,the pitiful sounds it makes as his claws pull at its fabric. Odin is ruthless. Kneading takes time and it looks to be fairly pleasurable. Odin expresses his bliss by purring, and making the face. Paws working so ferociously against the fabric that I can almost feel his muscles burning in protest. After the area has been sufficiently purged of enemies (and fabric), Odin will lay and groom himself. This is an extremely delicate affair that takes both time and concentration. Should you muss his fur while this is happening, you will face dire consequences. After grooming has been completed, and all of his energy has been spent, he contorts his body into an unbelievable labyrinth of limbs and falls into a deep sleep. Deep enough to not notice that he has been moved to a safer location. Deep enough to not hear his treat bag. Deep enough to let the dogs sleep next to him.

Eventually he wakes, eats about three pieces of food, and repeats this entire process.


47 thoughts on “The Art of Napping

  1. Perfection! (Ha or maybe purrfection? Sorry, I’m a dork.) Odin definitely has the art of napping figured out! Louie, my orange cat, still needs some work on his napping skills. But he does love fuzzy blankets (even more so if someone else is using them) and kneads like crazy… never figured out why cats do that. Taylor (my Toller) isn’t a cat of course, but he knows how to nap–preferably on something soft, ideally my clothes that end up on the floor when I’m too lazy to put them in the hamper!

    • Odin’s favorite things to knead are my body parts, which is both adorable and painful all at once. When he was born, he did the same thing to his mom to squeeze out milk when he was nursing, maybe it just sticks around as a habit? The dogs flop and sleep wherever. Unless I am on the couch. Then they must launch themselves into my lap and refuse to move for hours.

  2. Is Odin wearing a hair piece or is it a dog’s tail draped over the side of his head? He looks wonderful,whatever it is and deeply contented. Love thatyoucanmove him while asleep 😉

  3. Wow, sweet Odin you need all those 40+ naps after going through that long process. At least your not pushing buttons on the remote, our Popsy falls asleep, pushes buttons in his sleep and gets the TV all messed up then Mumsy has to reprogram it sometimes. We love that picture! Hugs and nose kisses

    • I know, it makes me jealous. Plus, they are served their food, don’t have to work, spend their awake time catching flies and basking in the sun…I forget why humans have supposedly better lives, haha.

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