Animal Feet

This foot below is one of four. It is one of four feet that I love dearly. These feet rake down my leg for pets, and they scratch at the door to go out. These feet kick bones and toys all over the house, and they dig up grass in the yard. They balance on my lap to enable nose rubs. They disappear when you touch them. They are soft,  golden, tufty, and lovely. They slid across the floor awkwardly when they were brand new. They stretch out and curve to reach for me when I am sitting just out of the way. They rest on my knee when my attention is wanted and they tick along the floor when they move.

One of Mylo’s four feet.

These are also feet that I love. These feet hold my hand. These feet punch me when we play and they cover rolling tennis balls. They swat at bees and dig at curious objects in the grass. They sit on my shoulder when I wake up in the morning, and on my stomach when I go to sleep. They drag along the couch to ask permission to come up. They leave the ground to check if I’m real every time I come home. These feet pace back and forth in thunder storms, and twitch from dreams. These feet are spotty and giant and love to be touched.

Two of Toady’s four feet.

All of these feet dance, beg, play, and tear around the yard. Of all the things that I love about my pets’ feet, my favorite is that they always bring my pet to me when I call. They obey at a walk, trot, or full-on sprint to find me when I need them. They bring them back to me every time they leave. If ever there is a day when these beautiful feet can no longer bring my boys to me, I will gladly go to them. These feet are the most wonderful feet in the world and I’m glad to have all eight of them in my life.


24 thoughts on “Animal Feet

  1. How adorable! What a unique way to express how thankful you are for your doggies! And beautifully written, too! By the way, was it easy to take pictures of those cute paws? I know some doggies can be very particular about their feet! 😉

    • Thanks! It was easy; Mylo was asleep when I took his and Toady was stretching (he also likes his feet touched). I actually got the inspiration to write it after I took the feet pictures! 🙂

  2. Those are some pretty amazing paws. Our Mummy is a little bit obbsessed with ours. She can see a pigture of any one of our paws and know immediately who it belongs to! 🙂

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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