Mylo and the Devil-Box

Mylo is a character. He hates being outside, dances for his food every morning and night, and he plays with our cat ever-so-gently. He is a “good boy”, but has evil tendencies. He loves people, and expresses his love by shrieking in excitement for a choice few—namely our neighbor.

At a very young age, Mylo taught himself to watch TV. I have heard that not many dogs do this, and to the dog owners out there who have normal dogs, be grateful. Mylo has an uncanny ability to identify any and all animals on the TV. Even animals he has never seen; such as lizards, otters, bats, etc. When they appear on the screen in all their HD glory, Mylo feels the need to protect our home against them. He starts with a low grumble (usually from his favorite lazy spot beneath the coffee table). His face points towards the TV and his lips form an “O” as his grumbles become louder. If the “devil-box” is still showing an animal at this point, he will slink out from under the table and move closer to it. He will growl and look from the horrible projection to me. Almost as if he is saying, “Can’t you see what’s happening??? There are lions in our living room!!!” There have been a number of occasions where we have had to block him from attempting to “save us” by jumping into the screen.

We have learned to be on guard when we hear the music for an animal food commercial. We cannot watch shows with animals in them. We have learned that Mylo has waged a never-ending battle with the devil-box. He sees it as a sleeping enemy, coming to life in the evenings to taunt him. Posing a threat to our family, it lurks in the darkness, waiting, watching, smirking. Until the remote is retrieved, and it awakens. Bringing to life all of the terrors that reside within it. Mylo is our great protector. He believes that he is saving us from unspeakable terrors by “chasing away” the images in the devil-box.

I appreciate his dedication. I appreciate his need to protect his pack. But, the humor wore off about 2 years ago and I wish that he saw the TV as a TV and not a devil-box.

Mylo watching “Camelot”


17 thoughts on “Mylo and the Devil-Box

  1. Lol. Great post. By the way, I thought only humans have evil tendencies:) This made me laugh a lot. Well, look at it this way: his watching tv is just one of his not so endearing quirks, but overall you said he is a good boy, right?:)

  2. Oh gosh! This made me laugh. Scout has only watched TV a few choice times. Namely involving polar bears for some reason. And she was fascinated when I watched the Babies documentary about a year ago.

    • I wish it was only polar bears. When I watch Game of Thrones he lays on the couch staring at the screen until one of the wolves or a horse shows up and then he tries to kill them. Good to know that I’m not completely alone though! 🙂 He’s not so much fascinated as determined to destroy.

  3. This is too great! Dogs are such funny creatures – if only we could be in their brain for a day. Can you imagine what goes through his head when he watches the TV? How does he justify the need to attack and how does he recognize which figures are animals?

    Is his behavior limited to actual, physical recordings of real animals or does he also spring into action for cartoons? Animal Planet and Discovery Channel are probably no-no’s in your house …

    • I know, I often wonder what he’s thinking when he’s watching TV. He isn’t limited to live TV animals, but also growls at cartoons and even the dog calendar that I that have up in the kitchen. We try to watch NatGeo, Discovery, and Animal Planet but we have to distract him or continually tell him to “stop it”. We only watch those channels when we really want to see something specific! lol

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  5. Love this post! Thanks so much for making me laugh hard! I love the way you write..very descriptive. My 2nd Wheaten, Reilly once saw a video of himself on t.v. and jumped at the t.v. trying to play (have to find that old video before it decays!).. Luckily, so far, my Standard Poodle and Wheaten Willow don’t often look at the t.v…keep up the funny posts..;-)

    • So glad to hear that you enjoyed it! 🙂 I have heard that some dogs watch TV on occasions, but none quite as much and as not as voraciously as Mylo. They’re funny creatures!

  6. This made me laugh. No, my dogs only react if dogs bark in the tv set or if a car sounds a horn. They run out by the dog flap and bark like crazy. They expect a visitor.

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