Our Mutt

We adopted our dog, Koda, when he was about 2.5 months old. He was a ball of warm fuzz, with the sweetest, most heart-wrenching face I had ever seen. On the paper that was attached to his kennel at the Humane Society, it said that he was going to be a medium-sized dog and was most-likely a Husky cross of some kind. Perhaps I should have noted that his “tiny” puppy paws were almost the size of my palm. At the time, I did not.

Over the months, Koda inevitably grew—as puppies tend to do. But, he just kept right on growing long after we thought he had reached his full size. He soon went from being able to walk under our Golden Retriever (Mylo) to almost being able to stand with Mylo underneath him. Needless to say, our puppy would be better classified as a small horse.

Koda—or Toady, as we call him—is now 4 years old. He weighs somewhere around 120 pounds (about 55 kilos) and stands at just over 5 feet on his back legs. His chest is wider across than my own, and his paws are like small plates. He is apparently is a size class referred to as “giant breed”.

It’s not only his hulking size that made me rethink his ancestry, but also his physical appearance. He is white with black spots—that range from very large to very small in size—spread over his massive self. He has Husky-esque fur that requires constant brushing and repels water and cold alike. He has a giant wolf-like ruff surrounding his neck, and a curled tail on his other end. His snout is small (compared to the rest of him), and he has beady, round eyes that peer into your soul and warm your heart.

His disposition is also unique. He is the most loyal dog that I have ever met. He allows himself to play rough with “daddy”, but when it comes to me, he prefers to lay in my lap (which is not even close to big enough for him). He is intelligent, thoughtful, and inquisitive. He is also the biggest faker you will ever meet. He has learned that when ill or in pain, I will cater to his every need, and he constantly abuses this information. He is territorial to an extreme, gentle beyond belief, and has a most excellent sense of humor. I have never come across another dog like him before, and love him with my whole heart.We firmly believe that he was meant to be a part of our family.

The reason for this post is to ask if anyone has any idea of what breed(s) he may be. Or to see if perhaps, there is someone else out there that has a dog like him in appearance and behavior. I realize that I could purchase a DNA kit to find out, but they are much too broad and general for my liking. I believe that because of his distinct coloring, he may be a mix of a maximum of three breeds, but I could be wrong. Please, if you have any ideas, post away! 🙂

Toad in snow

Toady being a big suck

Exhausted boys

Toady’s giant paw print


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